Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wedding Project #3: The Mantle (Pt 1)

Ok, when I first approached my adorable Fiance (weird right, he's my fiance, and as he calls me, I am his Beyonce) about this next idea, I think he was pretty skeptical. I think my mom was too. And my future mother-in-law. And EVERYONE else I've told about it.

To quote Alice from Breaking Dawn: Part 1, "Does no one have vision?!"

Yep, I just quoted Twilight. Deal.

So I had this idea for a backdrop for Edwin and I for the ceremony. We've seen so many cool ideas on Pinterest and wedding blogs, but I wanted to find something that was truly unique, and that I had never seen before, therefore I thought outside the box.

Or rather, I though INSIDE the fireplace box.

I have thus been on the hunt for a fireplace surround to turn into our ceremony backdrop. If you don't know, most fireplaces have a woodwork or tile piece surrounding them, referred to as a fireplace surround. If you don't frequent antique shops as much as I do, these are VERY expensive pieces, usually pulled out of beautiful vintage houses. Why they pull them out is always a mystery to me. Their loss is my gain!

My idea was to use this fireplace surround as a backdrop for the wedding. The art gallery is gorgeous, but if we don't warm it up a little with details there is danger of it looking sterile because of the all white.

I've been hunting Craigslist like a loon trying to find one for cheap but thus no luck. I will find one though. Oh yes. It will be mine. 

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