Monday, October 22, 2012

The Halloween Project: Part 3

And then the feathers got delivered. And then the glue gun came out. And then there was ANARCHY.

This is how I put together my peacock tail. Which I'm proud to say is finally finished. And functional. It's a Halloween Miracle.

It started with a Chinese fan, the fold out kind, but a sturdy one that I picked up that had a base made of wood. I painted the wood base pieces blue so that they would blend in with the base feathers. I then positioned, cut, and glued all of the longer peacock feathers onto the base. After I had all of those on, I had to cover the rest of the fan (which had black paper) with the smaller blue and teal feathers.

Here's where it got complicated: How can I wear the tail up AND down, and go back and forth? And how can I take it off when I need to get in cars? Challenging.

I ended up using a thick blue ribbon, weaving it through the spaces between the wood spokes of the fan. Then, I could tie the ribbon around my waist. I then wove some straps between the spokes so that I could pull them up onto my shoulders and wear my tail like a back pack.

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