Friday, October 12, 2012

The Halloween Project: Part 1

This is the start of a little series I like to call: The Halloween Project.

I am the self proclaimed Queen of Halloween. I start planning my costumes in July, and I usually spend way to much money making them as authentic as I possibly can. My obsession with Halloween started when I was a kid, and continues to this day. It is by far my favorite holiday, and I go balls to the wall for it.

This year I decided to be a peacock and to make my costume. Since it is Edwin and I's first year living in Portland for Halloween. I knew it had to be BIG. The series will follow my progress as I hand craft my costume. Please be impressed with it. Because it's impressive.

See below my series of former costumes:

Last year I was Ke$ha for Halloween. Complete with Crown Royal bag filled with glitter. That I did toss on everyone.

The year before, Bubs and I were June Carter and Johnny Cash. My mom and I made that dress, and I sprayed my hair brown for it.

The year before that, I had THREE Halloween Events to go to and wore three separate costumes.
I was Rainbow Brite for a Rainbow Youth Halloween Party

I was Alice from Alice in Wonderland for a party in Eugene, Oregon

And, as the grand finale, I was Robin (as in Batman and Robin) for a party in Corvallis, Oregon.

From this picture, you can tell I got started early on this obsession. 

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