Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The lost weeks--A busy time for Art+Us

Whew-- we lost one whole week there in bloggerspace. Its been one busy week over here for both me and he. He just finished up with his finals for Summer term at school, and I've had some non-stop events at work that require me to be in and out of the office at all times of the day (and night). That all finally came to a stop when we got to get away last weekend to Bend, Oregon. It was Edwin's mother Roberta's birthday, and to celebrate they invited us out to their new vacation place in Bend. It was a truly amazing time. We enjoyed the continuing Indian Summer out here in Oregon. We even went to the lake one of the days. I was not brave enough to get in the water, but I did enjoy laying in the sunshine. It was an amazing trip, just what we both needed between our busy schedules. Libby even got to join us! Luckily the trip out there is fairly long (3 hours), so we got to spend time doing one of our favorite things--road tripping. We always have the most fun on car trips, I think way more fun than most couples. There's always lots of junk food, really loud singing, and really precious talking time.

Other details we enjoyed there:
  • watching the lightning hit the dessert as we drove, and watching the thunderstorm through the trees outside when we arrived.
  • heavily sleeping in on the overly cozy and delicious bed there. In the pitch darkness that comes from being in the middle of no-where. We got black out curtains for our room when we got back to the city.
  • camp fire out back and yummy grilled food. 
  • seeing Finding Nemo in 3D.
  • Texas Sheet cake.
The best mini vacation anyone could ever ask for!

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