Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I Do- Alicia's Version

If you've been wondering to yourself, what does Alicia do that makes her a creative professional? It's clear that Edwin is a photographer, not so clear what I'm up to.

My day job is currently for a communications company, hosting web seminars. I spend a lot of time in a grey cube, and get a lot of kicks from it. Yes, that sounds odd, but I actually find what I do during the day to be really rewarding, and luckily challenging, especially for my left brain because it's kind of a technical occupation.

My true passion though, rests in my moonlighting job. In 2011 I started my own small business, an event coordination company called B. Events. I'm the only coordinator for the company, and it's definitely still in the development stages. Why events? Ohhhh, let me tell you...

If you know me (well), you know that I've loved weddings from a ridiculously early age. I blame this on my older male cousins who had magical weddings when I was still young and impressionable (one of them even had a live butterfly release at the end of the ceremony, which sounds creepy, until you are surrounded by 100+ butterflies, at which point, it's really freaking cool). I also blame my love of weddings on my love of the movie Father of the Bride--remake, not original. Like I said, young and impressionable.

I tried to find something more practical to do with myself during college, but that only lasted for a term before I decided that I couldn't live my life without being a part of event coordination culture. It's not an easy road. The summers are crazy, the hours are long, and it's not the most stable job out there. But that look on a bride's face when you've solved a crisis on her wedding day....hard to resist that amazing feeling. 

So that's what I do. I can style them, stage them, figure out logistics, and bully vendors into cheaper pricing in one swoop. It's a natural talent, and instinct. When I'm at a wedding, even as a guest, I can't help myself, I just go into coordinator mode.

All I want out of B. Events is the chance to see that relieved look on people's faces when I show up.

And maybe a free piece of wedding cake.

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