Monday, August 20, 2012

Decorating Saga Part 3--The Photo Line Wall

So this post is labeled part 3, but technically this should be Part 1 because it was the first majorly decorative undertaking that He and Me completed when we moved in.

This was all He's doing-- major kudos to him for being one talented and creative person!

This took maybe $10.00 total to make, and only took some elbow grease and planning.

Edwin chose all of the pictures that he wanted to put up on the wall. Most came from our iPhone photo collections. Instead of using extremely expensive intsta-print camera film-- he formatted all of our favorite photos with enough border around them to look like standard Polaroids. He then sent them on to Walmart to be printed as standard 4x6's- and trimmed the bottoms to make sure they were the correct proportions.

THEN, we took hooks from Walmart (the kind that screw right into the wall) and put them in place. We used twine to create the line to hang the pictures from, and bulk clothes pins to hold them. We eyeballed the angles because we didn't want it to be too perfect.

This doesn't have a step by step guide because it was completely all over the place. It took a lot of measuring, giving up on the measuring, and placing things where we liked them.

Long story short, He's pretty awesome. And this is basically the best part of our apartment.

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