Thursday, August 16, 2012

Decorating Saga: Part 2-- The Rings

Project number two for the living room was an art feature that we wanted on an empty wall behind the couch. This wall runs the full length of our entry way, and besides the kick butt color and texture (it's sea green like all of our walls, but it's wood paneling that's been painted over) it was extremely boring.

Solution: Embroidery Hoops

*At a flea market a couple of weekends ago, I found a ton of embroidery hoops for $1 each. I swooped them up as quickly as I could. The next day at a different flea market (I love Portland), I found a modern looking round brown clock, and picked that up as well. Lesson? Flea Markets are the BOMB.


Step 1: Buy embroidery hoops. You can find these literally anywhere. It works the best if they are all similar colored, but multiple sized. I think we have at least 5 different sizes, and we only have 9 hoops.

Step 2: Buy fabric. We got ours at my favorite fabric shop of all time, Bolt. Bolt is a shop on Alberta that I can't get enough of. Their fabrics are not only unique and modern, but also extremely beautiful. I could live in that shop.

Step 3: Put fabric into embroidery hoops, and cut off excess fabric. This step should be self-explanatory if you have an embroidery hoop in front of you. The hoops have two rings, one inside of the other, with a screw at the top that tightens the outer ring to pinch the fabric between the two.

Step 4: Put a thumb tack in the wall, hang the ring, call it good.

End Product:

This is maybe one of my favorite features in our home. It's just crazy gorgeous awesome.

Total cost of the project: $36.00
Rings: $10
Fabric: $14
Clock: $12

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