Monday, July 23, 2012

How Me and He Became "We"

Welcome to our humble little blog!

This blog is an outlet, a gallery, and a collecting place for our most precious stories.

The first and most important story is how me (Alicia) and he (Edwin) became a "we" and got to where we are now. Back-stories are sups' important (that's short for super, we say it a lot, stop judging).

Edwin and I met circa the year 2000. We went to the same middle school and lived less than a mile from each other. We traveled in different circles, but were united by our choir nerdery. We mutually participated in choir events, solo events, and even a small trip to Utah to soloist camp. Still, we were never a couple.

In high school, our mutual choir love continued. Because we both spent so much time in the choir room, at choir events, and on choir trips, we did get to know each other better. By senior year, we were friends, but definitely flirty friends. Our timing was never quite right though, I was always dating someone, and by the time that I wasn't, he was.

We kept in contact after high school. We spent the odd yoga class together, some casual hi's and bye's through the Starbucks window (he is a Starbucks crew member by day, as I am a Starbucks addict by day), and there was also the occasional social event we were both present for. In 2009 fate gave us a shove. We ran into each other again, which led to us wanting to hang out, which led to dating, which led to love.

Not to brag, but this guy is my bestie. I commonly refer to him as the other half of my brain, because he is in it all the time.

It's now almost 3 years later, which is crazy. We've been through all of the following: 3 of every holiday and birthday, my graduation from college, a direction change from music to photography for him, confirmation in the Catholic church- for both-, countless job changes, the start of one small business for me and the start of a photography program for him.

Why start blogging now? Because moving to a new city, living together, starting a life uniquely our own, and living that life as creatively as possible warrants it. 

This is the story of us, our development as creative professionals, our journey as a couple, and  our funny little lives as they stand.

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